2023-08-30 17:47:27

Muaither Club coach Pepe Murcia spoke about his team's match against Al Markhiya Club in the third week of the Expo Stars League competitions next Friday. Pepe Murcia confirmed that Muaither’s match with Al Markhiya is very important for the club and for me in particular, because the team is coming from two losses, so this match has no alternative for us to win, especially with the team’s performance gradually improving. Murcia said: We have closed the page on the previous two matches, and our full focus now is on the Al Markhiya match, which also needs to win, so the match will be difficult for both sides, and our goal is to achieve the first victory and three points. He continued: Our team is improving day by day, and this comes as a result of the daily training that the players undergo, which increases the chances of adaptation and harmony, and this always gives us strength, and we also constantly work to correct the mistakes that occur in the matches that we play. Murcia added: The most important thing for us in the team is to settle on the ideal lineup that plays the matches, and we respect Al Markhiya and all the clubs, and we consider every match in the league a final match. Murcia concluded his speech by saying: I always wish the Muaither family to play good matches to achieve victories, and Muaither is my family and we aspire to be in the best condition, and we will work to achieve victory over Al Markhiya Club and obtain the first points in the league, which will be the beginning for us. For his part, team player Bahaa Al-Laithi stressed that the Al-Markhiya match is considered the most important for the team, and we as players are determined to win it, because it gives us great motivation, even after the international break, to continue this approach and provide the best performance. Al-Laithi continued: We have distinguished players on the team, they have experience, and we have confidence and all the capabilities that enable us to achieve victory and provide strong performances in the league. He added: Stability is an important factor in the team, so the team is stable and we, as players, make a great effort in daily training and follow the instructions from the technical staff immediately and work to implement them, to reach the required readiness, and to achieve harmony, which is considered the most important factor for us to play matches. Muaither said: “He deserves the best, and we need patience and calm, and to continue the distinguished performance that we have presented since the start of the league championship, and after that, everything will certainly be achieved to achieve the ambitions.” Al-Laithi concluded his speech by saying: I and all my fellow players are confident in our ability to make the fans happy, so we ask them to stand behind the team, and we will always work to make them happy.

2023-08-30 14:11:37

Today, Wednesday, a coordination meeting was held in the presence of our national team coach, Carlos Queiroz, the technical director of our team, Pepe Murcia, and all the coaches of the first-class clubs, at the headquarters of the national teams management at Aspire Academy. The meeting included an explanation of the strategies and plan for preparing the teams in the coming period, and the role of clubs and their coaches in participating in this. strategy, with the aim of achieving the best results during the upcoming entitlements.

2023-08-25 17:47:33

Al-Duhail defeated Muaither Club by four goals, in the match between the two teams this evening at Khalifa International Stadium, as part of the second round of the Expo Stars League, and the Romanian striker Denis Alibek scored the only goal for our team. The match started with great caution between the two teams, with an exchange of balls between the players' feet, without posing any danger to both goalkeepers. Our team relied on attacks across the sides through the movements of Fouad Hanouq and Dennis Alibek, and the depth through J Mbenza, and our team had corner kicks that were not used as required. In the ninth minute, Al-Duhail was able to score the first goal by attacking Olonga, after he received a cross from his colleague Al-Moez Ali, to enter the net of Evanildo Rodriguez, amid poor control with Muaither's defense. After the goal, our team retreated to the back areas, and Al-Duhail controlled the course of the match and started attacking Evanildo Rodriguez's goal through the sides, which in turn posed a threat to Muaither's goal. At the seventeenth minute, our team's player, Denis Alibek, hit a left ball that passed next to Al-Duhail goalkeeper Salah Zakaria. At minute (36), our team was able to adjust the score through Romanian striker Denis Alibek, who took advantage of a fatal mistake by Al Duhail defender, snatched the ball and put it into the net of Salah Zakaria. And at the 3 + 45 minute, our team's striker, Ji Mpenza, was alone with goalkeeper Salah Zakaria, who blocked the ball, depriving Muaither of scoring the goal of progress, so that the first half ended with a positive tie between the two teams, with a goal for the same. The second half started with a high pace between the two teams, with relative calmness and the stage of feeling the pulse present between the two teams. The attempts of the two teams continued, but without danger to both guards. At minute (67), Al-Duhail broke the silence of the second half and scored the second goal through his player, Ibrahim Diallo, so that the result became two goals for Al-Duhail against a goal for Muaither. . Our striker, Denis Alibek, responded to Al Duhail's goal with a powerful shot from a set-piece that went past the post of Salah Zakaria's goal. Al-Duhail reinforced the score with a third goal at the 76th minute, with the header of its striker Olonga, who received the cross of his colleague Al-Moez Ali, so that the ball settled in the net, and the result became a triple for Al-Duhail against a single goal for Muaither. Muaither tried to reduce the difference, but without a real threat to the Al-Duhail goal, which in turn succeeded in closing the keys to Muaither's play, and he began to play on rebounds through the duo Al-Moez Ali and Olonga, and he was able to score the fourth goal through Isaac Al-Hajji, so that the match ended with Al-Duhail winning by four goals.

2023-08-24 09:01:02

Dr. Saleh bin Ali Al-Ajji, President of our club, confirmed that the ambitions of the first football team in the Expo Stars League are great despite the loss it suffered in the first round against Al-Wakra, indicating that the team and professional players are not judged through one or two matches. On the sidelines of the club's general assembly meeting, the club's president said that the team's goal is to be present and continue with the adults, after the team's achievement by ascending to the lights league, stressing that the new season will not be easy and requires redoubling efforts and continuous struggle in order for the team to put its own mark in the league and break the base The rookie is down, confirming that occupying a central position and being with the big teams is a legitimate matter for all teams. The president of our club added, "We hope that the team will present good levels in the league, and we have great confidence in all the professional players and the citizens with whom we contracted according to the financial budget available to us, at a time when the market value of the players witnessed bids in supply and demand, as we had a desire to contract with certain players, But the budget didn't allow us to do that. He said that the team's most notable achievements in the past season were winning the second-division championship and ascending to the ranks of first-division clubs, thanks to the concerted efforts of everyone in the club. Dr. Saleh Al-Aji, president of the club, concluded his remarks, noting the great effort made by the club’s management in coordination with the technical staff regarding contracting with professional players and citizens, as the team was changed by 90% within a short period in which the club’s management faced great challenges, especially with regard to the budget available to conclude contracts. with new players. The Board of Directors of Muaither Club extended special invitations to the members of the General Assembly to attend the team’s matches in the upcoming rounds, with the aim of creating strong ties between the members as well as with their club. The meeting of the Muaither Club's General Assembly had discussed several topics on the agenda in the presence of Dr. Saleh bin Ali Al-Aji, President of the club, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Mahmoud, Executive General Manager of the club, and the representative of the Ministry of Sports and Youth. The meeting discussed many of the business included in the agenda, where the minutes of the previous meeting were approved, in addition to the president’s report on the club’s work in the year ending on 5/31/2023, approving the draft budget for the next year, discussing the auditor’s report, appointing the auditor and assessing His fees for the fiscal year ending, on 5/31/2024, in addition to considering the proposals submitted by the club members.

2023-08-23 20:13:09

The coach of Muaither Sports Club, Bebe Murcia, spoke about his team's match against Al Duhail Club in the second week of the Expo Stars League, next Friday. Pepe Murcia confirmed his complete satisfaction with the team's performance in the opening match against Al-Wakra Club, but the result was not good for us, and the opening matches are always difficult. Murcia continued, "We closed the Al-Wakrah match page, and we will focus on the next Al-Duhail match, and our team is complete with professionals, and with the return of the injured players, the team is ready, and this gives us a great morale boost, and we will try to fix the mistakes that occurred in the Al-Wakrah match, and this is what I talked about with the players during daily training, on the necessity of not repeating them." Because any competing team plays on small details to settle any match. He added, "We respect Al-Duhail, as it is a great team and has distinguished players, and it is the champion of the last edition of the league championship, and we take this into account, but we do not fear anyone and we will do everything in our power to achieve victory and snatch the three points, and this is the most important thing for us." Murcia indicated that we are working to equip and develop the players on all training days, in addition to focusing on the method of performance related to the tactical and technical aspects, as well as the important physical factor in developing the performance of each player. Murcia said that the match will be difficult for both sides, given the need of the two teams for the three points, and we, in turn, will focus on the strengths of our team, and play on the weaknesses of Al Duhail club and exploit them, and we will enter the match with high concentration and our goal is the three points, and the players are ready for the match. For his part, the team's defender, Ramon Arias, confirmed the readiness of all players for the next match against Al Duhail Club in the Expo Stars League. And Arias continued, “In the last Al-Wakra match, we played a good first half and missed some chances, but in the last minutes, Al-Wakra scored two goals by exploiting the team’s mistakes, and we will work to fix them and not repeat them.” Arias said the coaching staff always gives us intensive and strong training in an attempt to prepare all the elements of the team mentally, technically, tactically and tactically, to enter any match with the best possible level and readiness that makes us perform the best. He continued: We respect the Al-Duhail team, as it is a team that has championships and will aspire to achieve the three points, but we will also enter the match to achieve victory, and most importantly, we will be highly focused and responsible to resolve the match. He added, “Our team has distinguished players who are able to make a difference in matches, and I am confident that we will play a strong match against Al Duhail Club, especially since the team is full-fledged for the first time, and this enhances our ambition to perform well in all matches, because this reflects the strength and personality of the team in front of the competitors.” . Arias emphasized that the team is stable and we work as one system, because stability and calm push the players to make the best offers. Arias concluded his speech by saying: We call on the fans of Muaither Club to stand behind the team and support it in all matches, because their encouragement gives us a moral boost to achieve victories, and we always strive to make the fans happy and return the favor to them at all times.

2023-08-23 19:45:27

Today, Wednesday evening, in the meeting hall of the Muaither Sports Club, the “Ordinary” General Assembly meeting was held, in the presence of Dr. Saleh bin Ali Al-Aji, the club’s president, and Dr. Mahmoud Al-Mahmoud, the executive general manager of the club, and in the presence of the representative of the Ministry of Sports and Youth, and in the presence of Dr. Alawi Ahmed Al-Bariq, head of the Membership and Elections Affairs Committee. And after the completion of the legal quorum of the members of the General Assembly. The meeting discussed many of the listed works, where the minutes of the previous meeting were approved, in addition to the president’s report on the club’s work in the year ending on 5/31/2023, and the approval of the draft budget for the next year. The auditor’s report was also discussed, and the appointment of the auditor and the estimate of his fees were discussed. For the fiscal year ending on 31/5/2024, in addition to examining the issues proposed by the members, and when they were presented at least ten days before the meeting of the General Assembly, or which the president deems to present them to the General Assembly.