2024-06-06 06:25:51

Muaither Sports Club held a special honoring ceremony for the coaches and teams of the club’s age group sector, on the occasion of the end of the 2023/24 sports season, during which the Kahilan stars achieved distinguished results that reflected and demonstrated the great performance and effort made by everyone throughout the past season. The ceremony witnessed the presence of the club’s president, Dr. Saleh bin Ali Al-Aji, the club’s Sunni sector management, and many of the players’ parents. The ceremony was held in the meeting room at the club headquarters, during which the Cubs team under 15 years old was honored on the occasion of obtaining first place in the second division league, and the junior team under 17 years old on the occasion of obtaining third place and the bronze medal, in addition to honoring the promising team under 13 years old on the occasion of obtaining Also won third place and a bronze medal in the second division league. For his part, the club president, Dr. Saleh bin Ali Al-Ajji, addressed a motivational speech to the players regarding the necessity of continuing in the same approach and achieving championships and achievements, as well as extending all thanks to the administrators of Kahilan and the Sunni category sector for the great effort they made throughout the season in order to achieve the best results and always place Kahilan on the podiums. Wishing them continued success.

2024-06-05 12:15:30

Muaither Sports Club announces its contract with national coach Nabil Anwar to lead the first team in the second division league next season, succeeding Uruguayan Jorge da Silva. The contracts were signed at the club’s headquarters in the presence of Mr. Abdullah Salem Al Mazrouei, President of the Football Authority, and Mr. Ali Salah Al Yazidi, Vice President of the Football Authority, who welcomed the new coach, wishing him good luck and success, and achieving Kahilan’s goal of returning again to the adult league. For his part, Captain Nabil Anwar expressed his great happiness at leading the technical helm of Muaither Club, stressing that he will exert every effort and provide the best football performances and contribute to achieving all the club’s ambitions and returning to the first division league. Nabil Anwar is considered one of the distinguished coaches, as he previously trained Al-Shahania and Al-Khor clubs. The national coach is scheduled to begin leading the team’s training during the upcoming preparation period in preparation for the new football season, during which our team is looking forward to returning again to the top flight.

2024-05-09 20:22:13

Our first football team bid farewell to the His Highness the Emir Cup Championship in the sixteenth round after losing to Al-Wakrah on penalties 4/5, and after the match ended in regular and extra time with a score of 3/3, in a match held this evening at Jassim bin Hamad Stadium at Al Sadd Club, and scored Our team's goals were Denis Alibek, Abdel-Ghani Mounir, and Tobago De Luanco from a penalty kick. The match began with a clear advantage for Al Wakrah, with control over the course of the match, in search of scoring the first goal, but without threatening the goal of our team's loser, Claude Amin. Our team is trying to exploit Al Wakrah players' forward momentum and rely on counterattacks through Denis Alibek and Thiago Di Luanco. Al Wakrah players used intense pressure and closed spaces on our team players to prevent them from receiving and exchanging balls and forming attacks on Mohammed Al Bakri’s goal. Our team succeeded in surprising Al-Wakrah with the first goal through Dennis Alibek in the 22nd minute, after receiving a long ball from the middle of the field from Mohamed Saleh. Dennis received it inside the box and put it into the net, so the result became our team advancing by one goal without a response to Al-Wakrah. The referee canceled a second goal for our team, scored by Denis Alibek, due to offside, in the 28th minute. Our team made the first emergency substitution, with Mohamed Saleh, the center back, leaving due to injury and Fouad Hanafouk entering. Our team played in an organized manner, especially in the defensive areas against Al-Wakrah Club’s attacks. It also succeeded in shutting down the keys to their game represented by Gilson Dala, Mohamed Benytou and Ayoub Assal, and continued to rely on counter-attacks through Denis Alibek, Thiago Di Luanco and Ayman Al-Hassouni. The first half ended with Muaither leading with a clean goal over Al Wakrah. The second half started with an average pace between the two teams, with Al Wakrah having an advantage, with attempts being made but without any danger to the two goalkeepers. Al-Wakrah continues to increase the pressure on our team’s goal and miss opportunities. On the other hand, our team is trying to rely on counterattacks, which usually pose a threat to Al-Wakrah’s goal. Al-Wakrah scored the equalizer through Moataz Al-Bistami with a fatal error in the goal in the 58th minute, making the score a goal for each team. Two substitutions for our team, with the exit of Muhammad Saad Al-Badr, the entry of Nassim Bin Issa, the exit of Andrei Siahputra, and the entry of Jamal Hamad. Our team had an opportunity through Jamal Hamad with a shot from outside the box, but it was blocked by the Al Wakrah goalkeeper. Al-Wakrah succeeded in scoring the second goal through Mohammed bin Yato with a header, making the score two goals for Al-Wakra versus a goal for our team. Our team made the last substitutions with the exit of Moataz Al-Bistami, the entry of Abdel-Ghani Mounir, the exit of Saif Al-Muhannadi, and the entry of Youssef Sabri Al-Yahri to activate the offensive front. Our team's attempts continued to search for the equalizer, but without threatening Al Wakrah's goal. Our team succeeded in scoring the fatal equalizer at the 5th minute + 90 through Abdul Ghani Munir with a shot from a free ball that went into the net of Al-Wakrah goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Bakri, and as a result the match ended in a positive draw with two goals for each team, heading towards two additional halves. The first half of extra time began strongly between the two teams, searching for a goal to increase the score, but without any danger. Al-Wakrah succeeded in strengthening the score with a third goal through Mohammed bin Yato from a penalty kick in the 98th minute of the first extra period. At minute 105 + 1, the most famous referee of the match issued a red card to our player Ayman Al-Hassouni due to falling inside the penalty area, so our team played outnumbered, and as a result, the first extra half ended with Al-Wakrah leading by three goals to two. The second extra half started strongly, as did the extra half, with persistent attempts by both teams on both goalkeepers. Our team succeeded in adjusting the score in the 115th minute through Thiago Di Luanco from a penalty kick after obstructing Abdelghani Mounir inside the box, so the score became three goals for each team and the match ended in regular and extra time with a score of 3/3, and the two teams went to a penalty shootout, and lost. Our team in the penalty shootout 4/5.

2024-05-07 16:54:47

Assistant technical director of Muaither Club, Jorge Rodrigo Albin, spoke about his team’s match against Al Wakrah Club in the framework of the round of 16 competitions of the HH the Emir’s Cup, which will be held next Thursday at eight o’clock in the evening at Jassim bin Hamad Stadium. George Albin said: It is very sad that Muaither Club has been relegated to the second division, because Muaither Club does not deserve that, as we played good matches this season, and the team has a distinguished quality of players capable of making a difference in many matches, but the mistakes that some players made The matches cost us the price of relegation to the second division, and we hope that Muaither Club will quickly return to the Expo Stars League again. Da Silva continued: We will play in an important tournament inside Qatar, which is the His Highness the Emir Cup, against a strong competitor the size of Al-Wakrah Club, which in recent days won the Qatar Cup title and deserves it. This is evidence that it is not an easy competitor, in addition to that it has good players, but We also have distinguished players on the team and we trust in their abilities. We will give everything we have to achieve victory and reach the last stage of this tournament. He added: There is a clear difference between the two teams in performance and position this season. We played with Al Wakrah previously in the league championship, and we know them well. We scored against them and they scored against us. Therefore, the match will not be easy for the two teams. We seek to present a strong match and we must make every effort to achieve victory and reach the next round. . He continued: The team is complete, with the exception of Bahaa Al-Laithi, who is suffering from an injury. We will enter the match without pressure, in addition to playing with extreme caution. We must organize ourselves well on the field and close the spaces for Al-Wakrah players. We will rely on the keys to our game, and our goal is to come out with a winning result. For his part, the team player, Mohammed Saleh, confirmed that it is an honor for me and every player to play in the His Highness the Emir’s Cup tournament, noting that the match against Al-Wakrah will be very difficult, given the strength of the competitor who recently won the Qatar Cup title, but we at Muaither Club are ready for this match and will do our best. We put all our effort into delivering a strong performance, achieving victory and moving forward in the tournament. He continued: We continue training daily with the technical staff, and we are ready for the match. I wish us success, achieving victory and appearing at a different level than the league matches. The team player said: Everyone is very sad that the team has been relegated to the second division, but this is the state of football, and I hope to return to Muaither Club again to the Expo Stars League next season, but we have this important and dear tournament ahead of us, and we will go into the Al-Wakrah match with great focus, and I trust in the abilities of my fellow players. We will make every effort to achieve a positive result for the team, and provide a strong result. There is nothing to lose, and we must fight until the end in the hope of reaching the last stages of this tournament.

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2024-04-28 17:47:05

Our first football team lost to its Arab counterpart by four goals to three, in a match held this evening at the Al Thumama World Cup Stadium, within the framework of the twenty-second week of the Expo Stars League, and with this result our team bid farewell to the first division league, and the goals of our team were scored by Denis Alibek, Ayman Al-Hassouni and Thiago De Yunco. The match began with cautious calm between the two teams, with an exchange of balls between the players in search of scoring an early goal, but without any real danger. Our team threatened Al-Arabi's goal first with a goal from Abdul Rahman Rashid, but the goal was canceled due to offside. Our team succeeded in scoring the first goal through Dennis Alibek in the 13th minute, with a creeping left shot that went into the net of Jassim Al-Hail, Al-Arabi’s goalkeeper, making the result a goal for our team versus nothing for Al-Arabi. Al-Arabi succeeded in scoring the equalizer through Omar Al-Somah from a penalty kick in the 22nd minute, after our team’s defender Hugo Gomez obstructed Youssef Al-Masakni inside the box, making the score a goal for each team. Our team made persistent attempts to score the second goal, as Moataz Al-Bistami threatened Al-Arabi’s goal with a shot that passed next to the post, followed moments later by a semi-alone shot by Ayman Al-Hassouni that also strangely passed next to Al-Arabi’s goalkeeper, Jassim Al-Hail. The second half began just as the first half began, with cautious calm between the two teams, with our team trying to score the second goal. Our team succeeded in scoring the second goal through Ayman Al-Hassouni's header in the 48th minute, which went into Al-Arabi's net, and the result became two goals for our team against one for Al-Arabi. Our team's attacks continued against Al-Arabi's goal, as Andre Siahputra shot from outside the box, but it was easy in the hands of Jassim Al-Hail, then a shot by Denis Alibek went over the crossbar, as well as a shot by Thiago Di Luanco that was blocked by the Al-Arabi goalkeeper. The wasted opportunities continued for our team, as Thiago Di Luanco was alone in Jassim Al-Hail’s goal, dribbled past the goalkeeper, and shot the ball awkwardly, hitting Al-Arabi’s defenses, wasting the opportunity for the third goal for our team. Al-Arabi succeeded in scoring the equalizer through Abdullah Marafi after he followed Omar Al-Somah’s shot after our team’s goalkeeper Evanildo blocked it, making the score two goals for each team. Our team increased the score with a quick third goal by Thiago Di Luanco in the 79th minute after he received a special pass from Andre to put the ball into the net, making the score three for our team versus two goals for Al Arabi. Minute 83: Two substitutions for our team, with Mohamed Al-Badr leaving, Fouad Hanafouk entering, Nassim Bin Issa leaving, and Saif Al-Muhannadi entering to strengthen the midfield and defense. Al Arabi succeeded in adjusting the score again through Omar Al Soma's header in the 85th minute. Al-Arabi took the lead and scored the fourth goal in the 96th minute, through Fouad Hanafouk, by mistake, in his own net, making the score four goals compared to three for our team. The match ended with Al-Arabi defeating our team by four goals to three.