2023-07-17 18:37:55

Dr. Saleh bin Ali Al-Aji, club president, was keen to meet with the technical staff and players before leaving the mission tomorrow evening, Tuesday, to the Turkish camp. At the beginning of his speech, the club president welcomed the new players joining the team, both local and professional, hoping that they would be a strong addition in all upcoming events. Dr. Saleh Al-Ajji stressed that the club's board of directors is making unremitting efforts to equip the team in the best possible way before the start of the new season, to achieve all of Kahilan's goals and ambitions, stressing that we, as a board of directors, seek to support the team and contract with distinguished professionals. Regarding the ambitions of Muaither Club, the club's president affirmed that the club's goal is to remain in the first division, present the best offers, and cancel the theory of the rookie downward. The club's president sent a motivational message to the players during the meeting, which was to instill the concept of winning in them and spread the spirit in them, and to exert more effort and fatigue to reach all ambitions. He added during his speech that the success of the team is summarized in three important things, which are desire, challenge and cooperation, as with these things the team will reach the best performance, stressing that the main goal of the external training camp is work and serious preparation in preparation for the league championship, and this is the responsibility of everyone in order to compete for titles. He stressed that the representation of the State of Qatar during the external camp is the most important priority. The club president concluded his speech by saying that the camp is a good motivation for the players and that they have a high level of readiness and responsibility, to enter the league championship with great desire and challenges and achieve the ambitions and goals of the club.

2023-07-17 17:47:20

The first football team of Muaither Club concluded the initial phase of its training this evening at the club's sub-club stadium, under the leadership of the Spanish coach Pepe Murcia. Before the technical staff, which in turn focused on raising the level of physical fitness of the players at this stage of preparations. The team’s mission is scheduled to leave tomorrow evening, Tuesday, for the training camp in the Turkish city of Izmit, to go through the second stage of preparations, which will continue until the seventh of next August, in which the focus will be on the technical and tactical aspects and many friendly matches will be played to determine the readiness of the players. Then entering the final stage of preparations before the start of the league championship on the seventeenth of next August.

2023-07-14 18:27:49

The first football team of Muaither Club achieved a friendly victory over its counterpart Al-Gharafa Club with a clean goal this evening, in a match that was held at Thani Bin Jassim Stadium in Al-Gharafa Club as part of preparations for the new football season, and the only goal of the match was scored by Youssef Sabri Al-Yahri in the 47th minute of the second half. For his part, the coach of the team, Pepe Murcia, involved many young names in the match, in an attempt to gain experience and equip them with the first team players before the new season. Muaither is currently seeking to reach the required technical and physical readiness before the kick-off, as the daily training that the team engages in at home under the leadership of the coach of the team, Pepe Murcia, serves as a strong and complete preparation, before traveling to Turkey on the eighteenth of July to participate in the preparatory camp. The friendly matches will also be an opportunity for the technical staff to see what the players have achieved in terms of technical and physical benefit.

2023-07-13 06:34:58

The first football team of Muaither Club will face its counterpart, Al-Gharafa Club, in a friendly match tomorrow, Friday, at seven o’clock in the evening, at Thani Bin Jassim Stadium in Al-Gharrafa Club. The technical staff of Muaither Club, led by Spaniard Pepe Murcia, is to prepare the players physically and technically to ensure their full readiness before the start of the new football season, which will start on the seventeenth of next August.

2023-07-11 09:18:47

The Board of Directors of the Muaither Sports Club decided to set up a team camp in the Turkish city of Izmit, in preparation for the new football season, during the period from the eighteenth of this July to the seventh of next August. (QNB).

2023-07-10 18:36:57

Muaither Sports Club announced this evening the launch of a new phase in the club's history, represented by the club launching its new logo, before the start of the 2023/2024 football season, and this comes within the development plans and strategy of the Board of Directors, especially after the team qualified for the professional league (Qatar Stars League). Where the new logo will be officially adopted in the various upcoming competitions. The club revealed the details of the components of the logo through a video that was published on the club's accounts, where the logo consists of a solid and majestic golden shield commensurate with modern modern designs, and the violet color, which is the color of the club's official dress, as well as the club's name in Arabic and English, in addition to the castle, which is considered one of the Qatari heritage landmarks, the purebred Qatari Arabian horse, which symbolizes enthusiasm, courage and challenge, the ball that symbolizes football activity in Muaither Club, the date of the establishment of the logo, and the components of the logo suggest desire, competition and ambition to achieve achievements.