2023-05-14 17:03:56

Dr. Saleh bin Ali Al-Ajji, President of Muaither Club, presented congratulations to His Excellency Sheikh Tamim bin Fahd Al-Thani, President of Al-Arabi Club, at the club’s headquarters, on the occasion of Al-Arabi winning the title of the most expensive tournament (His Highness the Emir’s Cup). Dr. Saleh Al-Ajji blessed His Excellency Sheikh Tamim bin Fahd Al-Thani for this great achievement, praising the distinguished performance that Al-Arabi presented during this season, deserving of this precious title. For his part, His Excellency Sheikh Tamim bin Fahd Al-Thani, President of Al-Arabi Club, expressed his sincere thanks to Dr. Saleh Al-Ajji for this visit, expressing his happiness with it. His Excellency Sheikh Tamim bin Fahd also extended his congratulations to Dr. Saleh Al-Ajji on the occasion of the promotion of Muaither Club to the QNB Stars League next season. Wishing Muaither Club success in the QNB Stars League and presenting the best offers.

2023-05-10 05:19:16

Ahmed Ali, manager of the Muaither team, confirmed that the team's qualification to the first division league was deserved, because Muaither carried the personality and spirit of the champion throughout the league championship and gave a distinguished performance that enabled him to qualify, and this is the testimony of all analysts, adding that the season was arduous and difficult, given the strength of competition from the beginning until the end . In statements to the club’s official website, Ahmed Ali confirmed that we closed the second division season, and opened the first division file with all its details, and that the team is preparing from now to prepare for the adult league, because it is completely different from the second division league in all respects, and the competition in it will be intense. He continued, saying: We will break the well-known rule that the rookie is down again, adding that with proper planning, hard work and focus, Muaither will present a good season in the first division. He added: I hope the current technical staff will remain, because of its great role in qualifying for the first degree, but the decision to stay or leave will be with the board of directors. Ahmed Ali concluded his speech by saying: I congratulate the club’s management, headed by Dr. Saleh Al-Aji, the club’s president, and all members of the administration, the players, all fans and fans for this achievement, and it is not strange for Muaither Club to play in the first division, as the team rose in the 2015/2016 season. And he performed well at that time, wishing the team success in all upcoming entitlements.

2023-05-07 05:29:34

Muaither Club qualified for the Qatar Stars League, after defeating Al-Waab Club with a clean goal, in the match that brought the two teams together yesterday evening at Saud bin Abdul Rahman Stadium in Al-Wakra Club, as part of the fourteenth and final week of the second division league. With this victory, our team qualifies for the first division league after an absence of 6 years, amidst a great atmosphere of joy between the board of directors, the players, the technical staff and all the fans and fans. And I started the match with our team’s preference over the course, in search of the goal of progress, but all attempts were futile, due to the strength of Al Wa’ab Club’s defenses, which in turn played on counter-attacks, but they were dangerous to our team’s goalkeeper Moayad Shannan, so the first half ended in a goalless draw. In the second half, our team intensified its attempts to reach the net of Al-Waab club in search of a breakthrough in the defenses, as this advantage was translated into our team after it got a penalty kick at the minute (54), when the Al-Waab defender blocked our attacker Aladdin Agray inside the box, to be successfully scored by team captain Nabil Al-Zahr. With the first goal at the 55th minute, Al-Waab tried to respond to the goal he received, but all his attempts were broken in front of the strength of our team’s defenses. For his part, our team’s players tried to double the score and score the second goal, but without anything new, so that the match ended with a difficult, valuable and precious victory for our club over Al-Waab Club. with a clean goal. Our team finished the league championship with 31 points, followed by Al-Khor Club, which will play a play-off match, after losing to Al-Kharaitiyat Club with two goals to one, to remain in second place with 28 points.

2023-05-04 18:45:36

The heads of the second-division clubs met at the headquarters of the Muaither Sports Club to discuss the presentation of budgets for the 2023/2024 sports season, and put forward many axes and proposals aimed at developing second-division clubs and attracting Qatari administrative competencies to work in sports clubs. Accordingly, it was decided unanimously to put a number of The suggestions to the Football Association are as follows: First / demanding an increase in the budget of second-division clubs, in addition to canceling the proposal for the budget distribution system according to centers, and this can be compensated for by allocating rewards for the first and second place owners. Second: Agreeing on the selection of coaches by the clubs, and presenting them to the development committee to take an opinion on the coaches. The development committee can nominate coaches on their behalf, and the clubs have the right to accept or reject. Third: Maintaining the current competition system (the league has two divisions), and in order to address the lack of matches, the second-division cup tournament can be held in the home-and-away league, and the second-division clubs can participate with the first in any refresher tournament such as the Ooredoo Cup. Fourth: Maintaining the number of (5) professional players, with (3) players under the age of (25) years, as well as the number (2) players over the age of (25) years. Fifth / regarding the system of ups and downs The club presidents have praised the great development of the level of performance of the second-division clubs and that there is no difference in the technical level with most of the first-division clubs, and this difference from our point of view is in the material capabilities, because the results in the confrontations between the first and second teams in (His Highness the Prince’s Cup) proved that. Sixth, the presidents discussed canceling the reserve league, in order to benefit from the players by transferring them to second-division clubs, and developing teams with young talents, which aims to develop the players’ system. Seventh: In the event that a Qatari player is registered with second-division clubs, he will be kept at his last first-class ranking for a season, in order to encourage players to play in the second-division. Where these proposals were discussed extensively, and were approved unanimously by the heads of the second-division clubs, to be submitted to the esteemed Football Association, which aims to develop the second-division championship in general, and for the clubs in particular, with our wishes for continued progress and prosperity. with my best regards Presidents of second-division clubs

2023-04-30 20:12:34

Our team achieved an important victory over Al-Shahaniya Club by 3-1, in the match that was held between the two teams at Jassim bin Thani Stadium in Al-Gharafa Club, within the framework of the thirteenth round of the second division league competitions. The meeting started with a clear advantage for our team over the course of the first half, as the team had several opportunities through Jamal Hamad and Nabil Al-Zahr. We found the brilliance of Al-Shahaniya goalkeeper, and our team scored the first goal through Hammam Tariq’s header, but the referee canceled it due to offside, and then Muaither continued to threaten Al-Shahaniya’s goal, but The advantage was translated into a first goal from a corner executed by Hammam Tariq, which was met by midfielder George Kwasi with a perfect header in the (25th) minute, and our team continued to impose its advantage as it was able to consolidate the result with a second goal with a strong left shot from Jamal Hamad that hit the net of Broki, the Al-Shahaniya goalkeeper, at the minute (33). Al-Shahaniya did not threaten our team's goal with any opportunity, so the first half ended with Muaither advancing with two goals without a response, and in the second half the match became equal between the two teams with mutual possession, but without danger to both teams, except that the third goal came to Muaither from a surprise shot from half the field, and it is not the most wonderful For our attacker, Aladdin Agray, in the minute (57), to make it a triple score for Muaither, and our team continued to attack the Al-Shahaniya goal, as Nabil Al-Zahr missed two dangerous chances from two singles, the Al-Shahaniya goalkeeper shone in tackling it. As the minutes passed, Al-Shahaniya entered the atmosphere of the match again and intensified its attacks through Amir Rostai and Pasco, but the defenses of our team were on the lookout, and at the minute (82) Al-Shahaniya scored the goal of reducing the difference through its player Pasco with a surprise shot that hit the net of our goalkeeper Moayad Shannan, after which Al-Shahaniya continued to threaten the goal Our team, but to no avail, and the match ended with Muaither winning 3-1 over Al-Shahaniya. With this victory, Muaither raised his score to 28 points, equal with Al-Khor with the same points, but the lead belongs to Muaither by goal difference in direct confrontations, and there remains a final decisive round for the second-division league competitions, where our team will play with Al-Waab Club and Al-Khor with Al-Kharaitiyat Club to settle the ticket to qualify directly for the Stars League QNB, and also who will play a play-off match.

2023-04-29 11:22:11

The club president, Dr. Saleh Al-Ajji, was keen to attend the first football team’s training this evening at the sub-club stadium, before the upcoming confrontation against Al-Shahaniya Club next Sunday at 6:45 minutes at Thani Bin Jassim Stadium in Al-Gharrafa Club, as part of the thirteenth round of the tournament. Second Division competitions. Before the starting of the training, the club president was keen to meet with the players and the technical staff and give a motivational speech to them, urging them to exert more effort and focus in the coming period, to achieve victory in this important match that cannot be divided into two, against a strong opponent and presents good performances in his last matches. He added that achieving victory puts the team close to qualifying for the QNB Stars League. The club president confirmed that the board of directors provides full support to the team and the technical staff in the next stage, to make all fans happy and achieve a return to the QNB Stars League.