2023-03-08 13:59:39

Its will be a difficult game ahead of us, but we will give everything to win -Pepe Murcia

The coach pepe murcia mentions that the match against Al-ahli club will be difficult because we will face a strong and collective team with high potential and experience on star league,also having good international player with a good coach coach continues saying that the is no pressure on players of our team and we are ready to face al alhi club and we seeks to provide the best performance and strive to achieve an victory.The focus on muaither club is on the league championships and and qulaification for the QNB star league,and this match is considered as a real test to know the level of players of each teams coach also said that "i am proud as a coach with muaither club to play in this tournament which is considered as the most valuable tournament in qatar, and the team's goal is to achieve victory and defend our right to continue to advanced level roles in this tournament Apart from this Mohamed saad Al-Badr, the player of the team says that amir cup is one of the most important and precious tournament for all, and its honer for each and everyone in the team to represent muaither sports club. "we will play against al ahli club which is a great team and we respect it and we will enter the match with high determination to win" Al badr mentioned that we know al ahli weakness as well as their strengths and we will enter the match seriously to prove to ourselves in this tournament and achieve a victory,therfore we will be playing with high spirit concluded the speech saying that it is a great feeling when you win this championship, but in order to be realistic,obtaining it requires more fatigu and we always continue to work on variouos level.

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