2023-04-17 06:25:20

Muaither defeats Al bidda an leads on the second division league

Our team achieved an important and difficult victory over Al-Bidaa club with a goal, in a match that was held yesterday evening at Al-Khor Club Stadium, as part of the twelfth round of the second division league. Our team started the match with intense pressure on Al-Bida’a goal, and was able to score the first goal through Iraqi professional Hammam Tariq, but the assistant referee canceled it due to the player being in an offside position, and our team continued to put pressure on Al-Bida’ goal, which resulted in the team scoring the first goal at the fourth minute of Omar in the first half, through striker Aladdin Agray, who took advantage of a wrong pass from Al-Bida player, to separate Al-Bida goalkeeper Mbamba and put the ball into the net. Al-Bida tried to score the equalizer, but it could not reach the net of the team's goalkeeper Moayad Shanan Abdullah, and our team continued to waste many chances in the first half through Aladdin Agray and Nabil Al-Zahr, to end the first half with our team advancing with a clean goal. In the second half, Al Bidda entered our team's goal, and it had several chances, but it found the brilliance of the defense and the goalkeeper Moayad Shanan Abdullah, and our team tried to score the second goal and secure the result, but all attempts did not result in any danger, and at the minute (65) the referee of the match The second yellow card and then the red card for the player of our team, Fouad Saleh, after he obstructed the player of Al Bidda Club, so that our team completed the match with a numerical deficiency, which increased the pressure on our players in the remaining minutes of the match, until the match ended with our team winning with a clean goal. With this victory, Muaither raised his tally to 25 points in the lead, , awaiting Al-Khor Club’s meeting with Lusail today at Thani Bin Jassim Stadium in Al-Gharrafa Club, at ten o’clock in the evening.

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