2023-05-04 18:45:36

A press release issued by the meeting of the heads of the second division clubs the topic

The heads of the second-division clubs met at the headquarters of the Muaither Sports Club to discuss the presentation of budgets for the 2023/2024 sports season, and put forward many axes and proposals aimed at developing second-division clubs and attracting Qatari administrative competencies to work in sports clubs. Accordingly, it was decided unanimously to put a number of The suggestions to the Football Association are as follows: First / demanding an increase in the budget of second-division clubs, in addition to canceling the proposal for the budget distribution system according to centers, and this can be compensated for by allocating rewards for the first and second place owners. Second: Agreeing on the selection of coaches by the clubs, and presenting them to the development committee to take an opinion on the coaches. The development committee can nominate coaches on their behalf, and the clubs have the right to accept or reject. Third: Maintaining the current competition system (the league has two divisions), and in order to address the lack of matches, the second-division cup tournament can be held in the home-and-away league, and the second-division clubs can participate with the first in any refresher tournament such as the Ooredoo Cup. Fourth: Maintaining the number of (5) professional players, with (3) players under the age of (25) years, as well as the number (2) players over the age of (25) years. Fifth / regarding the system of ups and downs The club presidents have praised the great development of the level of performance of the second-division clubs and that there is no difference in the technical level with most of the first-division clubs, and this difference from our point of view is in the material capabilities, because the results in the confrontations between the first and second teams in (His Highness the Prince’s Cup) proved that. Sixth, the presidents discussed canceling the reserve league, in order to benefit from the players by transferring them to second-division clubs, and developing teams with young talents, which aims to develop the players’ system. Seventh: In the event that a Qatari player is registered with second-division clubs, he will be kept at his last first-class ranking for a season, in order to encourage players to play in the second-division. Where these proposals were discussed extensively, and were approved unanimously by the heads of the second-division clubs, to be submitted to the esteemed Football Association, which aims to develop the second-division championship in general, and for the clubs in particular, with our wishes for continued progress and prosperity. with my best regards Presidents of second-division clubs

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