2023-05-10 05:19:16

Ahmed ali team manager says The qualification was due and we are preparing for the next season

Ahmed Ali, manager of the Muaither team, confirmed that the team's qualification to the first division league was deserved, because Muaither carried the personality and spirit of the champion throughout the league championship and gave a distinguished performance that enabled him to qualify, and this is the testimony of all analysts, adding that the season was arduous and difficult, given the strength of competition from the beginning until the end . In statements to the club’s official website, Ahmed Ali confirmed that we closed the second division season, and opened the first division file with all its details, and that the team is preparing from now to prepare for the adult league, because it is completely different from the second division league in all respects, and the competition in it will be intense. He continued, saying: We will break the well-known rule that the rookie is down again, adding that with proper planning, hard work and focus, Muaither will present a good season in the first division. He added: I hope the current technical staff will remain, because of its great role in qualifying for the first degree, but the decision to stay or leave will be with the board of directors. Ahmed Ali concluded his speech by saying: I congratulate the club’s management, headed by Dr. Saleh Al-Aji, the club’s president, and all members of the administration, the players, all fans and fans for this achievement, and it is not strange for Muaither Club to play in the first division, as the team rose in the 2015/2016 season. And he performed well at that time, wishing the team success in all upcoming entitlements.

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