2023-05-16 19:51:42

During a ceremony held at the club's headquarters, Muaither honors the first team players

Muaither Sports Club held an honorary ceremony for the players of the first team who have achieved and qualified for the Qatar Stars League, as well as the hopeful, junior and promising team from the Sunni sector, at the club's headquarters this evening, in the presence of a distinguished audience of fans and fans. Dr. Saleh Al-Ajji, President of the Club, inaugurated the celebration, through a speech he delivered in which he praised the players of the first team who have achieved the achievement that has been absent from the team for 6 years. It came after planning and diligent work before the start of the season, and that the team set the goal of promotion before its eyes, by contracting with professional players at a high level, in addition to the proper administrative planning of the board of directors. The celebration witnessed the honoring of the team’s board of directors for the players of the first team by awarding them financial rewards in appreciation of their great efforts in raising the name of Muaither Club and qualifying it for the adult league in the next season, in addition to honoring the players of Al-Amal team, promising players and cubs from the Sunni sector, along with their coaches who made a great effort to prepare These players will be distinguished in the near future, as well as extend all thanks to the Qatari press with its various names for its great efforts in covering sporting events. Dr. Saleh Al-Ajji concluded his speech by saying that Muaither Club is everyone's club, praising the honorable attendance, and at the end of the celebration a dinner session was held for all attendees.

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