2023-07-10 18:36:57

Muaither Club launches its new logo

Muaither Sports Club announced this evening the launch of a new phase in the club's history, represented by the club launching its new logo, before the start of the 2023/2024 football season, and this comes within the development plans and strategy of the Board of Directors, especially after the team qualified for the professional league (Qatar Stars League). Where the new logo will be officially adopted in the various upcoming competitions. The club revealed the details of the components of the logo through a video that was published on the club's accounts, where the logo consists of a solid and majestic golden shield commensurate with modern modern designs, and the violet color, which is the color of the club's official dress, as well as the club's name in Arabic and English, in addition to the castle, which is considered one of the Qatari heritage landmarks, the purebred Qatari Arabian horse, which symbolizes enthusiasm, courage and challenge, the ball that symbolizes football activity in Muaither Club, the date of the establishment of the logo, and the components of the logo suggest desire, competition and ambition to achieve achievements.

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