2023-08-15 16:53:22

Jose Gonzalez: We are ready to face Al-Wakra Club, despite the difficulty of the match

The coach of the Spanish Muaither club, Jose Gonzalez, confirmed his team's readiness to face Al-Wakra club in the framework of the first week of the EXPO Stars League competitions tomorrow evening, Wednesday, at Al Janoub World Cup stadium, adding that we are satisfied with the team's recent preparations, which were represented in the training camp in Turkey and the friendly matches that the team played. Gonzalez said that we fully trust our players because of their experiences that make them able to make a difference in all matches, and we look forward to achieving the three points despite the difficulty of the match, and achieving the best start for Muaither Club, which seeks to present the best performances in the league championship, and to be a competitive opponent. And hard. Gonzalez added that we respect Al-Wakra team for its distinguished players and technical and administrative stability, especially since the team is always in a good arrangement at the level of the league championship table and playing in the AFC Champions League, and we take this into account, adding that we work in Muaither Club. With high professionalism and professionalism, the team is at a high level and we strive to maintain it. For his part, the captain of the team, Saif Al-Muhannadi, confirmed the readiness of all players to face the difficult Al-Wakra club, and that the team made exceptional preparations during the last period represented in technical, tactical and physical exercises, adding that we respect Al-Wakra and look forward to achieving victory and achieving the best start in the league championship, which is an important motivation for us. As players to continue this approach, and prove ourselves well in the league. Al-Mohannadi stressed that Muaither Club has distinguished players who are able to make a difference and achieve the goals and aspirations of Muaither Club, as the team during the last period needed harmony and harmony due to the presence of professional players, residents and citizens, and this will come with the passage of time because we seek to be one hand with spirit and determination to provide Outstanding performance. Al-Mohannadi sent a message to the fans of Muaither Club about the need to support the team at all times, because the team needs their support and we strive to provide the best for them.

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