2023-08-24 09:01:02

Dr. Saleh bin Ali Al-Aji, President of Muaither Club I have confidence that our team will make its mark in the league according to its capabilities

Dr. Saleh bin Ali Al-Ajji, President of our club, confirmed that the ambitions of the first football team in the Expo Stars League are great despite the loss it suffered in the first round against Al-Wakra, indicating that the team and professional players are not judged through one or two matches. On the sidelines of the club's general assembly meeting, the club's president said that the team's goal is to be present and continue with the adults, after the team's achievement by ascending to the lights league, stressing that the new season will not be easy and requires redoubling efforts and continuous struggle in order for the team to put its own mark in the league and break the base The rookie is down, confirming that occupying a central position and being with the big teams is a legitimate matter for all teams. The president of our club added, "We hope that the team will present good levels in the league, and we have great confidence in all the professional players and the citizens with whom we contracted according to the financial budget available to us, at a time when the market value of the players witnessed bids in supply and demand, as we had a desire to contract with certain players, But the budget didn't allow us to do that. He said that the team's most notable achievements in the past season were winning the second-division championship and ascending to the ranks of first-division clubs, thanks to the concerted efforts of everyone in the club. Dr. Saleh Al-Aji, president of the club, concluded his remarks, noting the great effort made by the club’s management in coordination with the technical staff regarding contracting with professional players and citizens, as the team was changed by 90% within a short period in which the club’s management faced great challenges, especially with regard to the budget available to conclude contracts. with new players. The Board of Directors of Muaither Club extended special invitations to the members of the General Assembly to attend the team’s matches in the upcoming rounds, with the aim of creating strong ties between the members as well as with their club. The meeting of the Muaither Club's General Assembly had discussed several topics on the agenda in the presence of Dr. Saleh bin Ali Al-Aji, President of the club, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Mahmoud, Executive General Manager of the club, and the representative of the Ministry of Sports and Youth. The meeting discussed many of the business included in the agenda, where the minutes of the previous meeting were approved, in addition to the president’s report on the club’s work in the year ending on 5/31/2023, approving the draft budget for the next year, discussing the auditor’s report, appointing the auditor and assessing His fees for the fiscal year ending, on 5/31/2024, in addition to considering the proposals submitted by the club members.

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