2023-08-25 17:47:33

Muaither loses from Al Duhail

Al-Duhail defeated Muaither Club by four goals, in the match between the two teams this evening at Khalifa International Stadium, as part of the second round of the Expo Stars League, and the Romanian striker Denis Alibek scored the only goal for our team. The match started with great caution between the two teams, with an exchange of balls between the players' feet, without posing any danger to both goalkeepers. Our team relied on attacks across the sides through the movements of Fouad Hanouq and Dennis Alibek, and the depth through J Mbenza, and our team had corner kicks that were not used as required. In the ninth minute, Al-Duhail was able to score the first goal by attacking Olonga, after he received a cross from his colleague Al-Moez Ali, to enter the net of Evanildo Rodriguez, amid poor control with Muaither's defense. After the goal, our team retreated to the back areas, and Al-Duhail controlled the course of the match and started attacking Evanildo Rodriguez's goal through the sides, which in turn posed a threat to Muaither's goal. At the seventeenth minute, our team's player, Denis Alibek, hit a left ball that passed next to Al-Duhail goalkeeper Salah Zakaria. At minute (36), our team was able to adjust the score through Romanian striker Denis Alibek, who took advantage of a fatal mistake by Al Duhail defender, snatched the ball and put it into the net of Salah Zakaria. And at the 3 + 45 minute, our team's striker, Ji Mpenza, was alone with goalkeeper Salah Zakaria, who blocked the ball, depriving Muaither of scoring the goal of progress, so that the first half ended with a positive tie between the two teams, with a goal for the same. The second half started with a high pace between the two teams, with relative calmness and the stage of feeling the pulse present between the two teams. The attempts of the two teams continued, but without danger to both guards. At minute (67), Al-Duhail broke the silence of the second half and scored the second goal through his player, Ibrahim Diallo, so that the result became two goals for Al-Duhail against a goal for Muaither. . Our striker, Denis Alibek, responded to Al Duhail's goal with a powerful shot from a set-piece that went past the post of Salah Zakaria's goal. Al-Duhail reinforced the score with a third goal at the 76th minute, with the header of its striker Olonga, who received the cross of his colleague Al-Moez Ali, so that the ball settled in the net, and the result became a triple for Al-Duhail against a single goal for Muaither. Muaither tried to reduce the difference, but without a real threat to the Al-Duhail goal, which in turn succeeded in closing the keys to Muaither's play, and he began to play on rebounds through the duo Al-Moez Ali and Olonga, and he was able to score the fourth goal through Isaac Al-Hajji, so that the match ended with Al-Duhail winning by four goals.

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