2023-09-28 04:32:43

pepe Murcia : Our goal is to achieve victory over Al-Ahli to reach a good position on the ranking ladder

Muaither Club's technical director, Pepe Murcia, spoke about his team's match, Muaither Club, against Al-Ahly Club, in the fifth week of the Expo Stars League competitions next Friday. Pepe Murcia, the technical director of Muaither Club, confirmed that we did not perform at the level required of us in the last match against Al Shamal Club, as despite the modest performance of our team in the match, we were able, through the experience of our players, to score two goals, and we were closest to winning, but with simple mistakes, Al Shamal was able to score a goal. He fought in the last minutes. Murcia continued: We always look at the positive things in the matches we play and work to develop them and address all the mistakes that occur. We closed the file for the Al-Shamal match, and all our focus now is on facing Al-Ahli club. He added: We respect Al-Ahli club, as it is an ancient club with a great history, and we will never underestimate our match with it, despite its not good position in the league championship, but we must be completely cautious of this confrontation, because Al-Ahli seeks to correct its path and snatch the three points. But our main demand is also to achieve victory, and to reach the seventh point on the ranking ladder, and this puts us in a somewhat warm position. Murcia said: We are as one family at Muaither Club, and we always strive for development, whether in the training that the players undergo or in the matches that we play, to reach the goal and basic ambition that the club management, the fans, and all the fans want, because the management has provided us with all the tools and means available, which lead to In turn, we go into victory. We enter any match as a final, and no match can be underestimated. We always strive to achieve victory because that is our demand and our legitimate right, and I always trust in the abilities of all the team players. For his part, Mamadou Traoré, the team player, stressed that we started the league championship with strong matches, and it is true that we did not perform at the level required of us, because the team was not in a state of complete harmony, but now we are developing and harmonizing day by day, and the league is long, and we always strive to provide the best. Traoré said: We respect Al-Ahli club, as it is a team that has distinguished players and is also seeking to get out of its current crisis, but we seek to be at the top of our focus and we want the three points to reach the warm place on the ranking ladder. Traoré added: I trust in the abilities of my fellow players to reach the goal we want, and this is due to the training that we go through daily, which in turn achieves the desired harmony between us, and we, as one family, always strive to make ourselves, the management and the fans happy. Traoré continued: I believe that with the passage of time we will become a strong team and be in a good place in the league championship, and we are always looking to achieve victories in every match we play, so that we are in the right place that the club wants. Traoré concluded his speech by saying: We ask the fans and fans to support the team in all matches, because their support for us motivates us to give everything we have to put a smile on them, and we await their support in all the upcoming matches.

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