2023-09-29 19:44:50

A new loss for our team against Al-Ahli

Our first football team lost to Al-Ahli Club by four goals to two in a match held this evening at Al-Thumama World Cup Stadium, within the framework of the fifth round of the Expo Stars League competitions, and the goals of our team were scored by Denis Alibek and Ramon Arias. The match started with extreme caution between the two teams, and balls were exchanged between the players' feet. Mbenza shot a powerful shot that was blocked by Al-Ahli goalkeeper Yazan Naeem for a corner. Al-Ahli responded to our team's goal with a shot that was brilliantly blocked by Evanildo for a corner. Al-Ahli had an advantage over the course of the match, with the brilliance of our team’s defenses during every attack, and reliance on counterattacks. Our team entered the match again and began attacking Al-Ahli's goal through the movements of Denis Alibek, Guy Mpenza and Andre Siahputra. Al-Ahli scored the first goal in the twenty-sixth minute after poor oversight by our team's defenses, and Yazan Al-Naimat put the ball into the net. Al-Ahli increased the score with a second goal in the thirtieth minute by Naeem Al-Seliti, after a repeated defensive error by our team’s defenses in receiving the ball. The result became two goals for Al-Ahli to nothing for our team. Our team attempts to reduce the gap, but there is difficulty in finding gaps in Al-Ahli’s organized defenses. In the 41st minute, our team player Mbenza almost alone blocked the ball from Al-Ahli goalkeeper Yazan Naeem, wasting the opportunity to reduce the difference. The first half ended with Al-Ahli leading by two unanswered goals. The second half began with the first change for our team, with Al-Naji Al-Sadiq leaving and Abdul Aziz Hazza entering. In the second half, our team began to put pressure on Al-Ahli’s goal in an attempt to snatch the goal to reduce the difference, as Mbenza missed a header that passed near the post to Al-Ahli goalkeeper Yazan Naeem. Al-Ahli increased the score with a third goal in the 56th minute, giving Al-Ahly a 3-0 lead. Jay Mpenza was alone with Al-Ahli goalkeeper Yazan Naeem and shot a ball that was blocked by Al-Ahli goalkeeper, preventing our team from reducing the score. Our team succeeded in reducing the score through Dennis Alibek in the 65th minute with a left-footed shot from outside the box that went into the net of Al-Ahli goalkeeper Yazan Naeem, making the score three for Al-Ahli versus a goal for Muaither. In the 68th minute, our team reduced the score with a second goal by Ramon Arias, with a shot on the bird that went into the net of Al-Ahli goalkeeper Yazan Naeem, making the score three for Al-Ahli versus two goals for our team. Our team intensified its attempts in search of the equalizer, as Ramon Arias was alone with Al-Ahli's goalkeeper, but he strangely shot the ball outside the goal, then Denis Alibek's shot passed near the post. Al-Ahli scored a fourth goal in the 3+90 minute, making it The score was four for Al-Ahli versus two goals for our team. The match ended with Al-Ahli defeating Muaither by four goals, two goals.

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