2023-10-05 09:00:38

Ben Issa will be absent from our team for a long time

Medical examinations showed that our Algerian professional player under 21 years old, Nassim Ben Aissa, suffered a complete tear in the right thigh muscle during our team’s last match in the league championship, which was against Al-Ahly club. Our player will undergo surgery on the fifteenth of this October. Then entering the stage of physical therapy and rehabilitation, and it is expected that the player will be absent from the field for a period ranging from three to five months. Nassim Ben Issa is considered one of the main pillars of the team and is relied upon greatly, in addition to his high morals and complete excellence in the training and duties required of him since his joining. He joined the ranks of Kahilan, coming from the French club Châteauroux. The absence of Ben Aissa is very influential for our team, and this is due to the stability of his level of performance with the team. We wish our player complete safety, a speedy recovery, and a return to the stadiums as quickly as possible.

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