2023-10-19 04:41:18

Murcia : Al-Gharafa match is difficult, but we are ready for it

Muaither Club technical director, Pepe Murcia, spoke about his team’s match, Muaither Club, against Al Gharafa Club, in the sixth week From the Expo Stars League competitions next Friday. Muaither Club coach Pepe Murcia stressed the difficulty of the match for his team against Al Gharafa Club, stressing the importance of winning this match to return to the right track in the league, to gain confidence that gives us the strength to move on the path of victories. Murcia said: A difficult match awaits us against Al-Gharafa, which has distinguished players and is performing well in the league championship, and we take that into account, but we will make every effort to get back on the right path, especially after we suffered a loss in the last round against Al-Ahly club in the league. Murcia continued: The team is training as usual and with the same approach followed. We are even continuing to intensify preparations for all players to reach the required readiness that will enable us to enter the Al-Gharafa match in the best condition. We will play on their weak points as well as closing the playing keys to prevent a threat to us. Therefore, the match will be difficult, and it will be difficult. We strive to achieve victory, snatch three points, and reach the seventh point. He added: I still believe in the abilities of all the players on the team to achieve the three points, and we are developing day after day, especially after we played the Oored Cup Championship matches, from which the players benefited technically and physically, regardless of their results. Muaither still has a lot to offer during this season, and I trust the players’ abilities. We will always play to our strengths, strengthen our strength in the midfield, and always strive to provide a good result in all the matches we play. Murcia concluded his speech by saying: I appreciate the support and support of the Board of Directors and the fans who always stand with us, and this gives us the motivation to continue performing well and always address all mistakes. I ask all fans and staff to support the club in all circumstances and we will work to make them happy. For his part, team player Abdul Rahman Rashid emphasized the difficulty of his team’s match, Muaither against Al-Gharafa, adding that Al-Gharafa is a respectable team that performs well in the league and has players who make a difference, but I trust in the abilities of my fellow players and we are preparing day after day, until we reach the required readiness. To enter the match with strong motivation. Abdul Rahman Rashid continued: We will focus on the keys to our team’s strength and exploiting Al Gharafa’s weaknesses, as well as exploiting the opportunities that come to us in the match, because such matches are played to exploit mistakes. He added: I trust my fellow players to achieve victory despite the difficulty of the match, and we will work hard to provide a strong response, to reach the seventh point, which puts us in a somewhat good position. The player concluded his speech by sending a message to all the fans and lovers of Muaither about the necessity of supporting the team in the matches, because their encouragement and support gives us the strength to give everything we have and, God willing, we will put a smile on them.

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