2023-10-20 19:31:31

Another loss for our team aganist Al Gharafa

Our team from Al Gharafa Club lost by five goals to two, which was held at Jassim bin Hamad Stadium this evening, as part of the sixth round of the Expo Stars League, and the two goals of our team were scored by Jamal Hamad. The match started at a high pace between the two teams with an exchange Attacks, but without any danger. Our team had two dangerous chances in succession at the beginning of the match from an almost one-on-one shot by Lempenza, but it was blocked by the Al-Gharafa goalkeeper. Then, Siyahputra’s cross was met by Lempenza with a header that the Al-Gharafa goalkeeper narrowly blocked. Most of our team's attacks were focused on the movements of Denis Alibek, Mpenza and Andrei Syahputra from midfield. Al-Gharafa responded to our team's attacks with a shot by Farid Wilaya, which was blocked by Evanildo Rodriguez for a corner, and a shot by Yassin Ibrahimi that was blocked by Evanildo. As the minutes passed, the pace of the match calmed down on the field, with the only chance our team had from a shot by Ayman Al-Hassouni, which was blocked by Al-Gharafa goalkeeper Ndiaye. In the 45+4 minute, Al Gharafa succeeded in scoring the first goal through Johan Boly. The first half ended with Al Gharafa leading by a clean goal. The second half began with a slight advantage for Al-Gharafa, as the advantage was translated into a second goal through Dame Traoré's header from a corner kick executed by Yassine Brahimi, making the score two goals for Al-Gharafa and nothing for Muaither. Our team tried to reduce the difference through the movements of Abdel-Ghani Mounir, Denis Alibek and Guy Mpenza, but without threatening Al-Gharafa’s goal. In the 60th minute, our team made the first substitution with Abdul Ghani Mounir leaving and Jamal Hamad entering. Immediately after the substitution, our team succeeded in reducing the difference through the feet of substitute Jamal Hamad, who received a special pass from Andre Siyahputra to put the ball into the Al-Gharafa net, making the score two goals for Al-Gharafa and one goal for Muaither. Al-Gharafa succeeded in scoring the third goal in the 68th minute through Farid Wilayat, with a powerful shot that went into our team's net, in light of our team's attempts to achieve the adjustment goal. Our team responded to Al-Gharafa's third goal with a shot from Dennis that went past the post and a header by Ramon that went over the crossbar. At the 78th minute, we made two substitutions for our team, with Andre Siahputra leaving, Saif Al-Muhannadi entering, Abdul Rahman Rashid leaving, and Mohamed Salah Al-Nile entering to activate the midfield and attack. Our team attempts to reduce the difference, but the attempts lack seriousness and focus, but the most dangerous of these opportunities is a shot from Jamal Hamad that the Al-Gharafa goalkeeper deflected for a corner. Al-Gharafa increased the score with a fourth goal through Yassin Brahimi, with a shot that went past the team's goalkeeper, Ivanildo Rodriguez, in the 88th minute, making the score four to one for Al-Gharafa. At the 90+2 minute, our team succeeded in reducing the difference through Jamal Hamad, and Al-Gharafa returned and scored the fifth goal through Yassin Brahimi. The match ended with Al Gharafa winning by five to two goals over Muaither.

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