2023-10-28 18:37:02

Muaither continues to fall and loses to Al Sadd twice

Our first football team at Muaither Club lost to Al Sadd Club with two clean goals, as part of the competitions of the seventh week of the Expo Stars League, in a match held this evening against Hamad bin Khalifa Stadium. The match began with a mutual advantage for both teams over the course of the match, with an exchange of balls between the feet of the players, and a phase of extreme caution and a clear feeling of the pulse on the field. The minutes of the match continued at an average rate of performance between the two teams on the field, with opportunities that were not as clear as required for both goalkeepers. Until the middle of the first half, our team succeeded in closing the spaces and keys of Al Sadd Club’s play, with good spread inside the field, and relying on attacks by Denis Alibek and the speed of Andrei Siahputra and Jamal Hamad. Our team reached Al Sadd’s goal with an opportunity through J. Mpenza, but the player’s recklessness in completing the missing final touch prevented the first goal from being scored. Another opportunity arose for Mpenza after he received a pass on a golden platter from Denis Alibek, but he strangely shot the ball outside the goal, and as a result, Mpenza was injured. From the stadium. In the 42nd minute, Al-Sadd succeeded in scoring the first goal through a penalty kick scored by Akram Afif successfully to the right of goalkeeper Evanildo Rodriguez, bringing the result to Al-Sadd advancing by a clean goal. At the end of the first half, Mbenza went off due to injury and Bahaa Al-Laithi entered in his place. The first half ended with Al Sadd leading our team with a clean goal. The second half began with a clear advantage for Al-Sadd over our team. Al-Sadd threatened Evanildo Rodriguez’s goal with an almost one-on-one chance from Mohamed Waad, but the ball passed over the goal. Then a shot by Akram Afif, the Al-Sadd player, on our team’s goal hit the crossbar, amid a clear retreat for our team’s players at the back and an inability to get the ball out. And building an attack on Al Sadd’s goal. A second substitution for our team, with Abdel Ghani Mounir leaving and Mohamed Salah El Nile entering to activate the attacking line that was absent in the match. Our team threatened Al Sadd's goal with a dangerous opportunity through Jamal Hamad with a strong left shot that Mishal Barshim deflected to a corner. There is a clear weakness of our team in building and forming attacks. This is due to the lack of harmony between the players, in addition to the strength of Al-Sadd through its organized spread inside the field, putting pressure on the ball carrier for our team, and controlling the course of the match. In stoppage time, Al-Sadd increased the score with a second goal from Hashem Ali, with a shot that went into our team's net, killing our team's dreams of returning to the match. The match ended with Al Sadd winning by two goals without a response against Muaither.

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