2023-11-01 05:05:44

Pepe Murcia: The Umm Salal match is very important and there is no alternative than winning it

Muaither Club technical director, Pepe Murcia, spoke about his team’s match, Muaither Club, against Umm Salal Club, in the eighth week. One of the Expo Stars League competitions, which will be held tomorrow, Thursday, at Hamad Bin Khalifa Stadium. Muaither Club coach Pepe Murcia confirmed his team's readiness to face Umm Salal Club, within the framework of the eighth round of the Expo Stars League competitions. Murcia added during the press conference before the match, “We played a good match against Al-Sadd Club, and we are satisfied with the performance in that match despite the loss, but in general, we are not satisfied with the results in the previous matches, and we are working to correct the course. We have now closed the file for the Al-Sadd match, and currently all our focus is on the match.” Umm Salal is very important before the stoppage and we worked to fully prepare the team for this match, and we hope to provide the level required to obtain the three points that will mark Muaither’s start again in the league. Murcia continued: We respect Umm Salal Club, as it is a strong team this season and is performing well, so the confrontation with them will be difficult, but I trust in the abilities of my team players and through this match we seek to return to the winning path, and we look forward to putting on a good show and achieving the result that everyone desires. Murcia said: We worked in the past few days during training to intensify preparations and give the players the information and plans necessary to appear at a strong and good level in the Umm Salal match, and we were determined to achieve victory, because winning the three points brings us to the seventh point and thus puts us in a somewhat good position on the ranking ladder before... The downtime period, where the players appeared in a distinctive way during the last training sessions, and the equipment was strong and focused. Murcia concluded his speech by saying: The management, the team, the fans, and the fans are all like one family, and everyone continues to support the team even in the most difficult circumstances, and this gives us a strong incentive to continue making every effort to make them happy, and I am confident of achieving victory so that Muaither Club returns to the path of victories. For his part, Abdul Ghani Munir, the team player, stressed the importance of Muaither’s next match against Umm Salal Club, indicating that the match will be difficult for both teams and we are ready for it, and we will give everything we have to achieve the three points before the long pause, which will put us in a warm position on the ladder. Ranking. The player added, saying: I trust in the abilities of my fellow players to achieve victory over Umm Salal Club, especially since we are working to intensify and continue the work in the daily training that we engage in, and to implement the instructions of the technical staff, to avoid mistakes that always cost any team a loss, so we take all of that into account. To reach the required readiness. He continued, saying: We must take advantage of all possible opportunities in all the matches that we play, and the need for concentration in front of the goal to score goals, in addition to playing strongly in some periods of the matches that we play and working hard in them to reach the opponent’s goal, and this is what we focus on in training. The player concluded his speech by saying: I invite all the fans and fans of the team to attend the matches and support the players, and we will work, God willing, to make them happy, to achieve all desired ambitions.

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