2023-11-23 20:12:29

Jorge da Silva: I am happy to be in Qatar, and the Al Rayyan match is difficult

Muaither Club's technical director, Jorge da Silva, spoke about his team's match, Muaither Club, against Al Rayyan Club, in the ninth week of the Expo Stars League competitions, which will be held tomorrow, next Saturday, at Hamad Bin Khalifa Stadium at seven-thirty in the evening. Da Silva confirmed: I am happy to be in the State of Qatar, with Muaither Club, and in a new league. This represents a great challenge for me, and I will do the impossible to achieve all ambitions. I feel from the moment I arrived in Qatar that I am with my family, and this motivates me to work with all my diligence. Da Silva said: The Al Rayyan match is difficult, as it is a big team and has distinguished players, but I have confidence in the players of the Muaither team, and the atmosphere is positive in the club, and we will make every effort to reach the required readiness to enter the match strong to achieve the three points, which will mark the launch of the Muaither club again in the championship. The league. He continued: I watched Al Rayyan’s matches in which they won and also in which they lost, and I also watched all of Muaither’s matches, and I learned about the capabilities of Muaither’s players. There are some mistakes that make the team lose at the end of the match, and we will work to correct these mistakes, and we will also focus on the factor. The physical fitness of players through various daily exercises, and this is our current mission. He added: We have to change the mentality of the players from losing to achieving victory, and on Saturday we will have our first match and we will make every effort to achieve victory in it. I am confident in my team’s players and they have the capabilities that will enable them to achieve victory and snatch the three points that will put the team in a safe zone on the ladder. The standings, and our goal is to continue the victories, stay in the league championship, and continue the journey. Da Silva concluded his speech by saying: I am happy that everyone in the club has stepped up with the technical staff and players, and this gives us the incentive to make every effort and make them happy, and I call on all fans and fans to support the club in these circumstances to achieve ambitions. For his part, team player Jamal Hamad stressed the difficulty of Muaither’s match with Al Rayyan, pointing out that Al Rayyan is a strong and difficult team this season, and our match with them will be strong and difficult. The team player said: I have confidence in the abilities of my fellow players, and we will make every effort to achieve victory, and the match is not easy, stressing that we as players have not gotten to know the new coach well, but we are intensifying our daily training to reach the required readiness and degree of harmony, and we will give everything we have to achieve victory. He added: We must adhere to the instructions of the technical staff, focus on the field, and work collectively. As players, we feel the coach’s confidence in us and we have full confidence to do everything we have to snatch the three points. He added: We, as players, feel the responsibility that falls on us, and it all depends on our effort and training. We appreciate everyone’s efforts with us to achieve victory, and we ask all fans and fans to continue supporting the team to return Muaither to the path of victories.

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