2023-11-30 20:23:27

Jorge da Silva: The match with Qatar S.C is very important and there is no substitute than victory

Muaither Club technical director, Jorge da Silva, spoke about his team's match, Muaither Club, against Qatar Club, in the tenth week of the Expo Stars League competitions, which will be held tomorrow, next Saturday, at Suhaim Bin Hamad Stadium, Qatar Club, at five-thirty in the evening. Da Silva confirmed: We had a successful start against Al Rayyan last week and we got a good point for us. I am completely satisfied with the players’ performance in the match, and we will strive to make more efforts in all the upcoming important matches for us, to give everything we have to return to the path of victories. Da Silva said: Qatar Club is one of the good teams in Qatar and has distinguished players and is in a good position on the rankings, and our match with them will be difficult in light of the two teams’ need for three points, but we also have distinguished players and our team is ready for the match, and we have worked in recent days and continuously to correct all the mistakes. Which the players fell into in previous matches, and winning this match puts us in a good place in the ranking table and gives us great motivation to continue the path of victories, and this is our current goal. He continued: We studied the strengths and weaknesses of the Qatar Club, and we will work to close the keys to their play, and we will rely on the capabilities of our players and the keys of our play, in addition to playing with high concentration. I trust the players’ abilities and we are ready for this important confrontation for us. He added: We always work in training to fully prepare the players’ strength technically, tactically, and physically on an ongoing basis, through various divisions of play, gym training, etc., and the players understand this and make every effort to reach complete readiness. Da Silva concluded his speech by saying: We ask the public and fans to continue supporting the team, because the team needs them, and we will always work to make them happy. For his part, team player Fouad Hanafouk stressed the difficulty of Muaither’s match with Qatar Club, pointing out that we respect Qatar Club, but our first goal in Muaither Club is to obtain the three important points for us. The team player said: I have confidence in the abilities of my fellow players, and we will make every effort to achieve victory, and the match is not easy and it is our duty to play with high concentration in this match, because such matches are played on small details to decide them, and we thank the technical staff for the continuous instructions to us and we will strive to achieve Victory and nothing else. He added: We, as players, know very well the responsibility that falls on each one of us, and everyone is required to give everything he has on the field, and to play collectively and with a high spirit, because all of these factors lead to victory. He concluded his speech by saying: I ask all the fans to support the team, and we will work hard to achieve victory and make them happy, and we ask them to always attend and enjoy the upcoming Muaither matches.

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