2023-12-08 17:00:18

Muaither draws with Al Arabi

The match started with a high score between the two teams, as our team threatened Al-Arabi’s goal in the first minute with an easy shot by Ayman Al-Hassouni in the hands of Jassim Al-Hail, Al-Arabi’s goalkeeper. Al-Arabi takes control of the match, with a good spread of our team’s players on the field in an attempt to narrow the spaces for Al-Arabi players and limit their danger. Our team relies in its attacks through the movements of Ayman Al-Hassouni and Andrei Syahputra in the midfield, and in front of them are Dennis Alibek and Guy Mpenza. Al-Arabi’s control resulted in the first goal in the 35th minute from a corner kick, which Rafinha met with a shot inside the box that landed in our team’s net amid clear poor oversight. Our team succeeded in adjusting the score through Denis Alibek in the 45+4 minute after he took advantage of a defensive error by the Al Arabi player to go one-on-one with the goalkeeper and score it successfully, making the score a goal for each team. The first half ended with a positive draw between the two teams, with one goal for each team. At the beginning of the second half, our team made its first substitution, with Ayman Al-Hassouni leaving and Abdel-Ghani Mounir entering. Our team threatened Al-Arabi’s goal in the first minutes of the second half when Abdul Rahman Rashid shot a shot that was blocked by Al-Arabi’s goalkeeper. A clear attack attempt by both teams on both goalkeepers, but without a real threat. As the minutes passed in the middle of the second half, the pace of the match decreased between the two teams, with some timid attempts on both goalkeepers. A second substitution for our team, with the exit of Saif Al-Muhannadi and the entry of Al-Tayeb Kamal to activate and strengthen the midfield, in addition to a third substitution, with the exit of Guy Mbenza and the entry of Mohamed Salah Al-Nile to activate the offensive front. In the 88th minute, our team succeeded in scoring the second goal from a penalty kick scored by Mohamed Salah El-Nile after blocking Dennis Alibek inside the box. The result made our team lead by two goals to one over Al-Arabi. This lead came after a series of substitutions made by the team’s coach, Jorge da Silva. In the 90+9 minute, Al Arabi succeeded in scoring the equaliser. The match ended in a positive draw with two goals for each team.

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