2023-12-19 09:49:04

Jorge da Silva: Our match with Al Wakrah is not easy, but we are ready for it

Muaither Club technical director, Jorge da Silva, spoke about his team's match, Muaither Club, against Al Wakrah Club, in the twelfth week of the Expo Stars League competitions, which will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, at Hamad Bin Khalifa Stadium in Al Ahli Club, at five-thirty in the evening. The team coach stressed the importance of the match between Muaither and Al Wakrah Club, because winning it puts our team in a fairly good position on the ranking ladder and moving forward little by little, especially since the second division of the Expo Stars League has started with this match. Therefore, the task will be difficult for Muaither and there is no alternative to victory. And achieve three points. Da Silva added: We respect Al-Wakrah Club, as it is a strong team and provides distinguished performances in the league, and has technical and administrative stability, so we must play against them with all our strength and show our character, and I expect our match with them to be strong, and we will make every effort to present a match worthy of Muaither Club and get the three points. He continued: Our preparations are going on as usual, like any match, and we always intensify the hard work in training, and we are developing day after day, and Muaither’s performance is improving, and this is what we showed in the last match against Al-Arabi Club, in which we gave a great performance, but we conceded a goal in the last minutes and got the win. Point, and we always work to address errors promptly to prevent their reoccurrence. He added: Muaither has distinguished players, and I still have confidence in their abilities. We will strive to present a good match against Al Wakrah Club. We are ready for this match and will give everything we have to achieve victory and reach a warm place on the ranking ladder. He concluded his speech by saying: I renew my thanks to the team’s Board of Directors for the efforts they are making to serve Muaither Club. We appreciate their stance with the technical staff and the players, and we will make every effort to make them happy and to make the fans happy, whom we ask to continue to support and assist the team in the upcoming matches. For his part, Denis Alibek stressed our readiness as players for the difficult Al-Wakrah match, adding that Al-Wakrah is a strong team that we respect and has distinguished players, but we also have good players capable of making the difference in all confrontations, so I trust in the abilities of my fellow players to put on a good match and achieve the three points. He said: Muaither is improving little by little, and the performance is improving in every match we play, and we are presenting strong performances, but some mistakes in some matches negatively affect this good performance and the result of the match, and we always work with the coach to correct these mistakes to avoid repeating them. He continued: The current position of Muaither does not suit us and we must continue working and achieving victories in all the matches that we will play to reach the middle of the table, and our match tomorrow against Al Wakrah is not easy, but we will do the impossible and exert all our efforts to achieve the three points that will be very important for us, and after this match it will be... We have a rest, and when we return to training again, we will intensify our training, correct mistakes, and return to providing good performance for Muaither Club.

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