2023-12-20 16:56:41

A new loss for Muaither aganist Al Wakrah

Our team lost 4-2 to Al-Wakrah Club, in a match held this evening at Hamad Bin Khalifa Stadium at Al-Ahly Club as part of the twelfth week of the Expo Stars League. The goals of our team were scored by Denis Alibek and Ayman Al-Hassouni from a penalty kick. The match started with strength, especially from Al Wakrah, who scored the first goal early in the second minute, amid poor oversight in our team's defences. Al-Wakrah continued to intensify its pressure and scored a second goal against our team, making the score two goals for Al-Wakrah and nothing for Muaither. Our team responded to Al Wakrah's two goals with a shot by Denis Alibek that was blocked by the Al Wakrah goalkeeper for a corner, then the same player followed with another shot that passed near the post. Attempts by our team to reduce the difference through the movements of Dennis Alibek, Guy Mbenza, Ayman Al-Hassouni, and Jamal Hamad, who missed a semi-solitary match with the Al-Wakrah goalkeeper after receiving a beautiful pass from Dennis, but the Al-Wakrah goalkeeper blocked it. Our team's attempts resulted in a goal to reduce the difference in the 30th minute through Dennis Alibek after receiving a beautiful pass from Fouad Hanafouk, making the result two goals for Al Wakrah and one for our team. Our team was able to adjust the score through Ayman Al-Hassouni from a penalty kick in the 34th minute, after the same player had taken it when the kick was awarded, so the score became two goals for our team versus two goals for Al-Wakra. Our team continued its attacks on Al Wakrah's goal, and our player Andre Siahputra shot a ball from inside the box, which was blocked by Al Wakrah's goalkeeper. Then Mpenza shot a shot from outside the box that passed next to the post, amidst an attacking euphoria and a clear advantage for our team over the course of the match. The first half ended in a positive draw, two goals to two. The second half started strongly for our team, as Jay Mbenza shot a strong ball into the box that hit the crossbar of Al-Wakrah's goalkeeper, then Ayman Al-Hassouni completed it with another shot that passed the crossbar. A loud chant at the start of the second half, and there was an exchange of attacks between the two teams and clear attacking attempts. Al-Wakrah succeeded in adding the third goal with the header of its attacker, Mohammed bin Yatto, after a cross ball, amid poor coverage by our team’s defences. Our team responded to Al-Wakrah's goal with a shot from Mbenza inside the box that was blocked by Al-Wakrah's goalkeeper. At the minute, with the exit of Guy Mpenza and the entry of Abdelghani Mounir to activate the offensive front. Al-Wakrah succeeded in adding the fourth goal through Dala from a rebound ball, making the score four goals for Al-Wakra compared to two goals for Muaither. Our team tried to reduce the difference, but without threatening Al-Wakrah’s goal, so the match ended with Al-Wakrah winning by four goals to two.

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