2024-04-07 20:39:20

Our team narrowly lost to Al Rayyan

Our first football team, Al Rayyan Club, lost 1-0, in a match held this evening at the Ahmed Bin Ali World Cup Stadium, as part of the competitions of the twentieth week of the Expo Stars League. The match started at a high pace and strongly between the two teams, with a great struggle in an attempt to score an early goal. Our team relies heavily in its attacks on the movements of Denis Alibek, Thiago Di Luanco, and Jamal Hamad, and behind them are the passes of Ayman Al-Hassouni and Moataz Al-Bistami. Our team tries to keep the ball for as long as possible in an attempt to find a loophole in Al Rayyan’s defenses, in addition to relying on reverse attacks that pose a danger to Al Rayyan’s goal. Our team threatened Al Rayyan's goal with a dangerous opportunity through Jamal Hamad, who received a long pass from Naseem Bin Issa to shoot the ball, but it was blocked by Al Rayyan goalkeeper Fahd Younis. Al Rayyan scored the first goal in the 29th minute through Ashraf Bin Sharqi, who took advantage of confusion in our team's defenses and put the ball into the net. Our team finds it difficult to build attacks and this is due to the strong pressure from Al Rayyan players on our team players and preventing them from exchanging balls. The first half ended with Al Rayyan leading by a clean goal. At the beginning of the second half, our team made a substitution with Nassim Bin Issa leaving and Saif Al-Muhannadi entering to activate the midfield. The second half began with our team having a relative advantage over the course of the match, and Thiago Di Luanco threatened Al Rayyan's goal with a shot that passed past the post by Fahad Younis. Our team's persistent attempts to achieve the equalizer continue, but without any real threat to Al Rayyan's goal. A second and third substitution for our team, with the exit of Muhammad Saad Al-Badr, the entry of Abdul Rahman Rashid, the exit of Jamal Hamad, and the entry of Abdul Ghani Mounir to activate the attack line. Our team made a fourth substitution, with Moataz Al-Bistami leaving and Fouad Hanfouk entering. Our team's attempts continued, and Thiago Di Luanco shot a creeping shot from outside the box, which was blocked by Al Rayyan goalkeeper Fahad Younis. The match ended with Al Rayyan winning with an unanswered goal for our team.

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