2024-04-17 17:40:43

Another loss for our team against Al-Duhail

Our first football team lost to its counterpart, Al-Duhail Club, by a score of five goals to two, in a postponed match from the thirteenth week of the Expo Stars League, in a match held this evening at the Grand Hamad Stadium. Our team's goals were scored by Hugo Gomez and Ayman Al-Hassouni, and with this result, our team is in eleventh place with 14 points, penultimate on goal difference from Al-Markhiya, which is in last place. The match started strongly between the two teams, and the first threat to Al-Duhail came with a shot from Coutinho that passed over the crossbar to our team’s goalkeeper, Evanildo Rodriguez. Our team is trying to rely on its attacks through the movements of Denis Alibek and Thiago Di Luanco, and behind them Ayman Al-Hassouni and Saif Al-Muhannadi. Al-Duhail succeeded in scoring the first goal through a header from striker Olunga, taking advantage of poor oversight in our team's defences. Attempts by our team to find a loophole in Al Duhail’s defenses, which constitute a barrier to all attacks, and thus there is no danger to Shehab Al Laithi’s goal. Our team continued to intensify its attacks on Al-Duhail’s goal and had several corner kicks, but they were not exploited in the desired manner. However, the relief came and Hugo Gomez was able to score the equalizer in the 23rd minute with a header and put it into the net after a corner kick executed by Denis Alibek, making the score a goal for each. a team . The pace of the match calmed down after our team's equalizer, and offensive attempts became limited for both teams, with Al-Duhail having a relative advantage over the course of the match. Our team is trying to exploit Al-Duhail's attacking momentum and rely on counterattacks through Thiago Di Luanco, Fouad Hanafouk and Denis Alibek, but without danger. Al-Duhail succeeded in scoring the second goal from Al-Moez Ali's shot, which hit our team's defenses, deceived goalkeeper Evanildo Rodriguez, and entered the net. Our team came back again and Ayman Al-Hassouni was able to score the equalizer in the 42nd minute, making the score two goals for each team. The first half ended in a positive draw, with two goals for each team. The second half started with a third goal from Al-Duhail, through Coutinho. Our team is trying to build and form attacks, but the strength of Al-Duhail’s defenses prevented this. Our team continued to attack Al-Duhail's goal through Tyagi De Leonco and Fouad Hanfouk, but the recklessness of the attackers prevented the equalizer from being scored. Our team made two substitutions, with Saif Al-Muhannadi leaving, Abdul Ghani Munir entering, Muhammad Saad Al-Badr leaving, and Abdul Rahman Rashid entering. A dangerous opportunity for our team after Thiago Di Luanco was almost alone, but he put the ball over the goal. Two more substitutions for our team, with the exit of Moataz Al-Bistami, the entry of Nassim Ben Issa, the exit of Fouad Hanfouk, and the entry of Jamal Hamad, in an attempt to revitalize the team’s offensive midfield. Al-Duhail succeeded in scoring the fourth goal through Olunga, who launched a counterattack and went one-on-one with goalkeeper Ivanildo Rodriguez and put the ball into the net, making the score four goals for Al-Duhail versus two for our team. Al-Duhail succeeded in strengthening the score with a fifth goal in the 90th minute of the match through Rashid Al Abdullah, with a complete collapse of our team on the field. The match ended with Al Duhail defeating Muaither with a score of 2/5.

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