2024-04-22 16:09:09

Jorge da Silva - The Qatar Club match is crucial and we are ready for it

Muaither Club's technical director, Jorge da Silva, spoke about his team's match against Qatar Club as part of the twenty-first week of the Expo Stars League, which will be held on Wednesday at six-thirty in the evening at the Grand Hamad Stadium. Da Silva said: We were not in our day in the last Al-Duhail match, and despite scoring two goals for us, there were individual errors due to which we lost, but we closed the Al-Duhail match file and are currently focusing on the next, most important match in the league for me, against Qatar Club. The team coach continued: The Qatar match is considered pivotal and difficult for both sides, and both teams are under pressure because each of us wants to achieve victory to secure ourselves and stay away from danger areas, so we are ready for this difficult match and we will do everything we have to get the three points, which will amount to six full points. . He added: We prepare periodically for the match, and we work non-stop to reach the required and complete readiness, and we are determined to achieve victory, because a result other than a win puts the team in a position that does not satisfy us, so we are extremely focused and keeping this match in mind and we hope that the players will be at the peak of their focus on the day. Next Wednesday. He continued: We consider the matches remaining for us in the league championship to be cup matches and there is no room for giving up points, because we play in decisive and difficult times and everyone is looking for points, and our goal is to remain in the first division league. The team coach concluded his speech with a message to the fans of Muaither Club about the necessity of attending and being present on the stands and supporting the team with full force in the next match. For his part, Majed Abdul Latif, the team player, stressed that the Qatar Club match will be difficult for both teams, and we, as players in Muaither Club, know the amount of pressure on us and the importance of this match, so we will give everything we have to achieve victory. The team player said: We work with the technical staff to continue daily training with all focus, determination and determination. The technical staff always meets with us before every training to give us all the necessary technical and tactical information, as well as to learn from the mistakes we make, and we are ready for this match, God willing. He continued: We will enter the match with high concentration and play calmly and regularly. We will rely on the keys to our play and give everything we have to achieve victory and emerge from the match with a positive result. He concluded his speech by saying: We ask the fans of our team to come to the stadium early and support the players non-stop, because their presence is important to us and gives us motivation on the field. We will work to make them happy and keep the team in the first division, God willing.

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