2024-04-26 16:35:55

Jorge Da Silva: The Al-Arabi match is crucial and we will fight until the end

Muaither Club's technical director, Jorge da Silva, spoke about his team's match against Al Arabi Club as part of the competitions of the twenty-second and final week of the Expo Stars League, which will be held on Sunday at six-thirty in the evening at Al-Thumama World Cup Stadium. Da Silva said: “I am very sad about the loss in the last match against Qatar Club. The loss was not in our favor and complicated our position and placed the team in last place on the rankings, but I will not talk much about the match and we have an opportunity and a final, fateful and final match against Al Arabi Club.” Da Silva continued: We respect Al Arabi Club, and the match against them will be very difficult, and there is no alternative to achieving three points. We will make every effort in this important match, and I hope that the players will be at their peak, unlike the previous matches we played. He added: We feel bad because we are in last place, because this position is not that of Muaither Club, and we are preparing at a high pace for the Al-Arabi match and we must make every effort until the last breath to achieve victory, and our goal is to remain in the first division league. He continued: I hope everyone will support the team in this crucial stage, and I also ask the fans and all fans to be present on the stands of the stadium and support the team with full force, because their presence constitutes a fundamental motivation for the players on the field. For his part, team player Ghadeer Al-Shammari said that the Al-Arabi match is difficult, and we as players consider it a final match, and we put our full focus before us because a result other than a win for the team means relegation, and I hope that luck will play with us and we can go about our day and achieve the three points and remain in the Expo Stars League. He continued: We continue training with the technical staff daily and follow the instructions from the technical staff for the match against Al-Arabi. I wish us success in the match, achieving victory, and making all the fans happy by remaining in the first division. The team player concluded his speech with an important message to the players about the necessity of being present and supporting the team. We also thank the Board of Directors for standing with the team and providing comfort for us as players. God willing, we will make them all happy and achieve the club’s goal and remain in the first division.

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