2024-05-07 16:54:47

George Albin: We are ready for Al Wakrah and we strive to win and reach the next round

Assistant technical director of Muaither Club, Jorge Rodrigo Albin, spoke about his team’s match against Al Wakrah Club in the framework of the round of 16 competitions of the HH the Emir’s Cup, which will be held next Thursday at eight o’clock in the evening at Jassim bin Hamad Stadium. George Albin said: It is very sad that Muaither Club has been relegated to the second division, because Muaither Club does not deserve that, as we played good matches this season, and the team has a distinguished quality of players capable of making a difference in many matches, but the mistakes that some players made The matches cost us the price of relegation to the second division, and we hope that Muaither Club will quickly return to the Expo Stars League again. Da Silva continued: We will play in an important tournament inside Qatar, which is the His Highness the Emir Cup, against a strong competitor the size of Al-Wakrah Club, which in recent days won the Qatar Cup title and deserves it. This is evidence that it is not an easy competitor, in addition to that it has good players, but We also have distinguished players on the team and we trust in their abilities. We will give everything we have to achieve victory and reach the last stage of this tournament. He added: There is a clear difference between the two teams in performance and position this season. We played with Al Wakrah previously in the league championship, and we know them well. We scored against them and they scored against us. Therefore, the match will not be easy for the two teams. We seek to present a strong match and we must make every effort to achieve victory and reach the next round. . He continued: The team is complete, with the exception of Bahaa Al-Laithi, who is suffering from an injury. We will enter the match without pressure, in addition to playing with extreme caution. We must organize ourselves well on the field and close the spaces for Al-Wakrah players. We will rely on the keys to our game, and our goal is to come out with a winning result. For his part, the team player, Mohammed Saleh, confirmed that it is an honor for me and every player to play in the His Highness the Emir’s Cup tournament, noting that the match against Al-Wakrah will be very difficult, given the strength of the competitor who recently won the Qatar Cup title, but we at Muaither Club are ready for this match and will do our best. We put all our effort into delivering a strong performance, achieving victory and moving forward in the tournament. He continued: We continue training daily with the technical staff, and we are ready for the match. I wish us success, achieving victory and appearing at a different level than the league matches. The team player said: Everyone is very sad that the team has been relegated to the second division, but this is the state of football, and I hope to return to Muaither Club again to the Expo Stars League next season, but we have this important and dear tournament ahead of us, and we will go into the Al-Wakrah match with great focus, and I trust in the abilities of my fellow players. We will make every effort to achieve a positive result for the team, and provide a strong result. There is nothing to lose, and we must fight until the end in the hope of reaching the last stages of this tournament.

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