2023-08-06 08:35:42

Muaither Sports Club extends its sincere thanks to Al Shahania Club for the kind gesture made by the players of the first team by visiting Muaither Club player Mohammed Saad Al Badr. The Board of Directors of Muaither Club saluted the management and players of Al Shahania Club for their stand and solidarity with the player, wishing them continued success.

2023-08-05 19:01:45

Dr. Saleh bin Ali Al-Ajji, President of Muaither Sports Club, welcomed the Uruguayan professional Ramon Arias, who the club completed the procedures for contracting with the player during the past few weeks, hoping that he would be a strong addition to Kahilan in the next season, and the Uruguayan player expressed his great happiness with his presence in the State of Qatar and Muaither Sports Club, Adding that he will make every effort to achieve the aspirations and goals of the club. The Uruguayan professional arrived in Doha this morning, two days before the end of the team's preparatory camp in the Turkish city of Izmit, which ends next Tuesday, to receive his family, who is expected to arrive in Doha within the next few hours.

2023-08-04 10:32:00

The player of our first football team, Mohammed Saad Al-Badr, suffered a shoulder injury with a fracture of the collarbone, during the friendly match in front of Al-Shahaniya Club. As a result, the player was transferred to a Turkish hospital, and a successful operation was performed for the player. We wish him complete safety and a speedy recovery. Return to the stadiums stronger as soon as possible.

2023-08-03 11:57:52

Muaither Club succeeded in achieving victory over Al-Shahaniya Club with three goals without a response, in the fourth friendly trial for Muaither Club, which was held in the team’s camp in the Turkish city of Izmit, in preparation for the new football season 2024/2023, and Muaither Jamal Hamad scored two goals and Mohamed Salah Al-Nil. Muaither played a strong match, and the team benefited from the fourth friendly experience that it played against Al-Shahaniya. The technical staff of Muaither, led by Spaniard Pepe Murcia, is keen to achieve the greatest amount of benefit during these friendly matches, in order to reach the required readiness before the start of the league championship on the sixteenth of next August. It is worth noting that Muaither previously played three friendly matches in his current camp, where he lost the first to Saudi Al-Faisaly with a clean goal, and also lost to Al-Adalah by four goals, and also lost to Al-Safa Club by three goals, and Muaither is scheduled to conclude his friendly matches against Kuwaiti Kazma Club on the sixth of May. Next August, then arriving in Doha on the eighth of this month, and entering into the final preparations stage.

2023-08-02 18:10:36

Mr. Akram Yuga, Governor of Sakarya Region, received in his office this evening in the State of Turkey, the Board of Directors of Muaither Sports Club, consisting of Dr. Mahmoud Al-Mahmoud, Executive General Manager of the club, and Mr. Ahmed Hassan Darwish, Media Officer. Mr. Akram Yuga expressed his happiness at receiving the club’s management, stressing the depth of relations between the two peoples. Qatari and Turkish, wishing success to Muaither Club in all upcoming sporting events. For his part, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Mahmoud, Executive General Director of the club, thanked Mr. Akram Yuga, Governor of Sakarya, for his hospitality and warm reception, wishing him success and perpetuating the bonds of interdependence between the two peoples, security and stability in the Republic of Turkey. At the end of the meeting, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Mahmoud presented the shield of the Muaither Sports Club to Mr. Akram Yoga as a souvenir.

2023-07-31 19:32:18

Muaither Sports Club announced the completion of its contract procedures this evening with Congolese striker J Mbenza, coming from the ranks of the Saudi Al-Tai club. Where the contracts were signed at the club's headquarters in the presence of Dr. Saleh bin Ali Al-Aji, the club's president, who welcomed the player, hoping that he would be a strong addition to Kahilan in the next season. For his part, Mbenza expressed his happiness at joining Muaither Club, stressing that he will make efforts, present the best football performances, and contribute to achieving all the club's aspirations.